Teaser from the new book for the New Year!

How about a little teaser to start off 2014!!!!
This is unedited and is subject to change before publishing******
Ages 17+ because of mature content.

Scarlet POV

Going back to our silence I can’t wait to get off today.  Because it’s Friday and my best friend Emma is taking me out for my birthday finally.  My birthday was actually a month ago but I wanted to go to meet Cade for my birthday, then all the shit with Dustin I never got the chance to go until now.
  At five o’clock sharp Emma pulls up in her new Camaro.  Yeah she’s a blue blood but you wouldn’t think it.  She steps out of the car pulling off the ultimate Southern Belle sex appeal.  She’s in a pair of cut off shorts and a bandanna tank top.  “Hey girl you ready to go get our bar hopping on?”
  “Yeah just a minute let me go make sure that I closed up all the paint and stuff.”
She follows me into the house.  “Wow this is really neat.  I can’t believe you helped do this.”
  “She didn’t do this painting all on her own you know.”
She rolls her eyes.  “So is this Sir Douche Bag you told me about?”
  “Yep.” I say popping the p.
“Sir Douche Bag huh glad I can claim royalty.”
I ignore him, but Emma just can’t.  “Hey didn’t I go to high school with you?  When you weren’t doing some stupid shit to get suspended?”
  “Probably.  School isn’t really my thing.  Never has been.”
  “Abbott Cotton Company, no wonder you don’t have to like school.”  Emma scoffs.
  I walk over to them.  “Hey I’m ready to go.  I need to go by my place and grab my clothes to get ready at your place.”
  “Great!  I’m ready to get our bar hopping on.”
We walk out not even bothering to give Ryder a goodbye.