Dispatch 247 Series

So we had side characters that we knew and loved in the Marco’s MMA Boys series. I created a spin off series that is completely stand alone from the MMA Series, but you’ll still get those characters you wanted a story from. Also, you’ll get a glimpse or two from those MMA guys.

Rarely is there a second chance for anything for a first responder… except maybe love.


★★ BLURB ★★


Life has a way of throwing curve balls at every turn. I’m Eli “Mox” Moxen and I’ve finally figured out what I want in life.

I’m fearless. In life, in my career, and in love. I’ll face it all with strength and determination.


Just when I think I’m getting ahead, something comes along to knock me on my butt. I’m Amber Young, single mom, jaded in love, and in danger.

I refuse to fail. For my daughter and for myself, I refuse to fail at life, in my career, and in love.

For first responders like Mox, there is rarely a second chance for anything…except maybe love. This is Mox’s chance to show Amber he’s a man who also refuses to fail…especially when it comes to her heart.

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