Ok I Just Can’t Wait! Surprise!

Ever just want something short, sweet or not so sweet and to the point?  Well,I do sometimes. So I sat down and started a Summer Time Novella.  Well, then as it normally goes, other ideas started popping in my head.

So I’m announcing that I have a novella series coming out with the first installment releasing to tomorrow!

The series is called Seasons of Change.

Each book will take place during and be released during the coordinating season.  Each installment will be standalone and be able to be read in any order.

The best part Each one of these will only be .99.

The first novella is called Forgiveness of Summer.

seasonsofchange 1-2


Silas Manning’s life has always been built on expectations, mostly those of others – his mother, his grandmother, basically the entire town. The one person who always accepted him for him pulled away years ago and he really doesn’t understand why. Now, he feels like he’s facing defeat and embarrassment all on his own, and paying for mistakes that aren’t even his.

Growing up with just her dad, Simone Whitman has done a great job of taking care of herself. Her dad is a great man, but he’s a dad. When it came to matters of the heart, she was all on her own. That’s why when her best friend broke her heart, she locked it up, and she doesn’t plan on giving it to anyone again. If that means never falling in love, so be it. She can’t handle the heartache of someone else leaving her behind and letting her down again.

When life gets turned upside down for these two, will they let each other back in and help each other through the hard times? Can they get over the past and start anew?

**A Summer Time Novella