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Holiday with Holli cover2

Get Ready for the Winter Novella!

Holli Brown is a 21 year old debutante. Once again she’s on her own for the holidays. The only part of her life she’s ever been confident with are her grades. Being brought into the world by parents who seem to have raised her as prime breeding stock, she’s constantly in self-doubt. She’s always felt socially awkward, which has made for an extremely lonely and tense life.

Zack Caraway is a 22 year old owner of an auto mechanic shop. It’s a few days before Christmas and all of his friends are busy. It’s just him, his dad is out of town seeing an old army buddy. He’s surprised when he runs into “Frosty” Holli Brown who is home alone for the holidays. Suddenly trying to avoid seems to keep putting her in his path.

Can a few hot moments make it possible for these two to de-frost their old relationship and start a new one?