Secrets of Savannah Behind-001

******Sneak Peak*******
“Hey I’m Ryder. Gus sent me over here to get some information and stuff from you.” She has her blonde hair up in messy bun. She wearing ripped up jeans, a white tank top that accents the gorgeous set of tits she’s got and a pair of cheap mirrored sunshades. Damn she’s fucking hot.
“Yeah. I’m Scarlet nice to meet you.” She sticks her hand out to shake mine. I take her tiny hand shaking it. She smiles. “So here is your hard hat, your tool belt, a set of daily instructions and the OSHA guidelines.”
“So what did a pretty little thing like you do to get community service?” Giving her my signature get a girl into bed smile.
Pushing her shades up on top of her head and putting her hands on her hips. “Well I took an ax handle to my ex’s car. You?”
“Me I was stupid racing a car. So he was stupid enough to dump you? He deserved it.”
“No I dumped him.”
Flags fly up in my head. She’s a crazy ex. We all have one. The one you half expect to come home one day with a rabbit boiling on your stove fatal attraction kinda crazy. “So then what exactly did his car do to you?”
“Look I’m not going into this. I’m here to do my time. I don’t need to deal with another blue blooded, conceited, spoiled rotten, selfish bastard. So just stay out of my way.”
“Hold on sweet tits. What gives you the right to think you know a fucking thing about me?”
“I don’t and I’d like to keep it that way.”
I spin around walking away from her. Damn. She’s a crazy bitch. But the crazy ones are always the hottest in bed. Self- challenge accepted.

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