So What’s going on? Coming up? Etc Etc

First off I want to thank everyone for the big welcome Lox received. Everyone seems to love Lox, but they are dying to know when the twins will get here.

Well here’s the thing. Sly’s book is next and believe me he and Kara are running around in my head dying to come out…

BUT, I have a Spring novella I have to get out for the Season’s of Change Series.  Good news is the novellas generally don’t take me long to write.

About Sly’s story- Sly’s story will be quite a bit different from Lox. As we know Lox is a strong guy and determined, but he’s a big softy in many ways. Sly and Huck even though they spent a lot of time with Lox growing up, they still had a very different childhood from him. You will get to see what shaped the personalities of the twins as their stories progress. Also, you will see with Kara that sometimes people are not what they seem.

So everyone get ready, I promise I will get you Sly as quick as I can.

Thanks again for Letting Lox In.


SM Donaldson

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