Grab Up A Novella For Free!



CAMELLIA IN BLOOM Spring time in the South. A time for beach trips, bonfires and field parties. Not so much for Camellia Callahan, she’s stuck living someone else’s fantasy. She’s only let loose one time in her life and that didn’t end so well. So now she lives a life almost like that of a hermit, until a sexy Texan needs a room at her parents’ inn. River Sewel is on a trip to try to find himself. His dad has a life figured out for him, but it’s not the one River wants. When he randomly decides to stop in a small town in Georgia to stay for a few days, he meets the sweet, southern Camellia Callahan. There’s something about her, something he feels he knows. Can River help Camellia bloom like spring?

FORGIVENESS OF SUMMER Silas Manning’s life has always been built on expectations, mostly those of others – his mother, his grandmother, basically the entire town. The one person who always accepted him for him pulled away years ago and he really doesn’t understand why. Now, he feels like he’s facing defeat and embarrassment all on his own, and paying for mistakes that aren’t even his. Growing up with just her dad, Simone Whitman has done a great job of taking care of herself. Her dad is a great man, but he’s a dad. When it came to matters of the heart, she was all on her own. That’s why when her best friend broke her heart, she locked it up, and she doesn’t plan on giving it to anyone again. If that means never falling in love, so be it. She can’t handle the heartache of someone else leaving her behind and letting her down again. When life gets turned upside down for these two, will they let each other back in and help each other through the hard times? Can they get over the past and start anew?

FALLING FOR AUTUMN Can random strangers fall in love forever? Autumn Byron is running away from home…well, her hometown anyway. She was living her life happily as a tattoo artist when an ex-boyfriend came along and threatened to ruin it all. So she’s running, with a plan to start a new life, she just wasn’t expecting to want to start a new life so soon. Jake Callahan has been living with guilt for over four years. He’s been the joke, anger and pity of his small town ever since IT happened. He truly believes he doesn’t deserve happiness and no one will change his mind. Then she came along…who knew a red-headed, tattooed beauty stranded beside the road could turn his world on it’s axis? They both decide a weekend fling with an out of towner can’t hurt, right? Neither are looking for a serious relationship, but love has a way of finding you when you least expect it. Can Jake keep from falling for Autumn?

HOLIDAY WITH HOLLI Holli Brown is a 21 year old debutante. The only part of her life that she’s ever been confident with were her grades. Being brought into the world by parents who seem to have raised her as prime breeding stock, she’s constantly in self-doubt. She’s always felt socially awkward, which has made for an extremely lonely and tense life. Once again, she’s found herself on her own for the holidays. Zack Caraway is a 22 year old owner of an auto mechanic shop. He’s all alone for Christmas as all of his friends are busy and his dad is out of town seeing an old Army buddy. He’s surprised when he runs into Holli “Frosty” Brown, who is also home alone for the holidays. Suddenly, his attempts to avoid her seems to keep putting her in his path. Can a few hot moments make it possible for these two to de-frost their old relationship and start a new one?

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